Death Before Dishonor, Whatever Happened to the Golden Rule?

The Golden Rule

I would like to believe that when we were all children we learned the value of honesty and virtue, to treat other people the way we would like to be treated, and when it is necessary those who have the ability to bring resolution have a responsibility to bring resolution. We can probably all agree that if ever person was taught the “Golden Rule” when we were children we would not have suicide bombers, snake oil salesmen, and selfish, self-centered human beings who would rather exchange the value of their words for lies. I am not sure where the phrase “Death Before Dishonor” originated, but I certainly wish more people were familiar with it.The Golden Rule

“Death Before Dishonor” is an extreme way of saying that one would rather die than to dishonor a person, a memory, or the value of a word. Before rambling on too much further let me elaborate on the nature of this topic. There have been several circumstances that I have recently encountered, either directly or through a third-party, where people who are in positions of making decisions have gone back on their words, over-stepped their responsibilities, and in some cases neglected their responsibilities. I am not going to elaborate too much on the specifics because it has become clear that there are far too many people who don’t value their “mark” and maybe it is even ironic that these people are in a position of power, a position to steer the boat toward the rocks or into open water without a compass or a course. What I will elaborate on is that putting your “mark” down used to mean something and when someone put down their mark it meant that their reputation was on the line. Perhaps this is something that died when we entered the 21st Century, but I would like to believe that honest people are in the majority, rather than in the minority.

It is an unfortunate truth that many of us work for companies or people who place their own interests ahead of everything and everyone else. This statement is not a conspiracy theory, but rather an acknowledgement that honest people need to work harder and smarter in this life in order to succeed. In every company there are people who work in marketing or human resources, the happiest people I have ever seen, who drink coffee all day fill their calendars with meetings to stay busy, or at least give that perception, and they coast through work without ever having accomplished a damn thing. It is not my responsibility to monitor the actions nor the performance of other people and I do my very best not to judge others. I love it when I see happy people, but in the environment I work in they are happy because they either didn’t have a bad day, or it is because they are blissfully unaware of what is going on around them. To some degree I am envious of both types of people.

This post may have the tendency to drag on so let me wrap it up. I believe in the value of a word and I believe that when a person puts down their mark that it should mean something, not because of that person’s title or where they come from, but because that person has a reputation of being honest, a reputation for following through and saying what they are going to do and doing what they say. Sometime in the last 30 – 50 years humanity began to misplace that value and as a result our governments are weakening, or economies are volatile, and people look at the warranty tags on a product before deciding to make a purchase. Quality used to be the cornerstone of reputation, but it seems that quality has been replaced with convenience.

As a society I hope we can find honor again so that our words are not just empty phrases. My children will learn the value of honesty and honor, even if they are among the last to do so because it is far better to go through life as a person who does what is right than a person who coasts through life doing what is convenient. The rewards will be vastly different, but my children will be capable of understanding their abilities and the impacts of the decisions they make for their generation. My children will have the ability to do something about it and so they will have a responsibility to do something about it. The will be honest, trustworthy, courteous and kind. They will love god and their neighbor because that is what is needed to make the world a better place. They will understand “Death Before Dishonor”

I certainly hope this post has been enlightening, or at the very least entertaining! Please refer to other Blog Posts for more Entertainment Value!

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